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An established dental practice that has been active in the Wilmington area for the past 3 decades is looking for an active person who would like to expand the scope of their practice in a paid-for service environment. They want to join their growing practice and are looking for qualified candidates to become police chief. I have been working in Northern Delaware for over a decade and am looking for people who are active and enjoy an expanded practice with a high level of professionalism and a strong commitment to the community.

If you are willing to be a team player, proud of your work and an outstanding leader, I want to meet you. If you are willing and able to work with us, be an outstanding employee, be a team player and be proud of the work we expect you to do.

If this position suits you and you would like to be part of our team for the long term, please send your CV to nothingbutthetooth111 at

Click here to complete and submit an online work permit form, or click to download a .pdf version that you can fill out. You can also contact us directly at 302 - 230 - 0001 for more information about the Employment Service Specialist or the Ministry of Labour. We plan to meet with a labor office specialist to determine whether you are eligible to participate in the competition process for a full-time position with the Delaware State Department of Labor. This can be done through our online application process or through the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) at the Ministry of Labour, where our labour market expert is ready to help you.

You must have a recognized degree in an engineering discipline in the Delaware State Department of Labor. You must be related to engineering and have completed a year of further education after school. The associated courses must be approved by the Human Resources Management Office of the Ministry of Labour.

The work of our young people should be meaningful and should be communicated in a high-quality, practical way, with an emphasis on education and skills development. Speed up the potential as we prepare for the next phase of the State Department's workforce development program.

We are looking for entry level positions that could lead to a career in the kitchen and bathroom industry. These are entry-level jobs that require no training, experience, or entitlement to the State Department's workforce development program. Recognised courses in kitchen, bathroom, design or other related fields. This is an exciting position that can lead to a career in kitchens, bathrooms and design industries, with an emphasis on education and skills development as well as professional development.

To fulfill the essential functions of the job, the acquisition and maintenance of an insurance license (s) is required to meet the requirements of the state for travelers. Unless otherwise stated in this announcement, acquisition, maintenance and / or insurance license (s) are required for the acquisition, maintenance, insurance and license (s) to be performed in an essential function of this task. It is the responsibility of the applicant to read and understand thoroughly the policies and requirements of the State Department's Workforce Development Program (WDP), as the agency states. If a cut-off date is set or if the capacity of the position is reached by that cut-off date, it may be closed without notice. If no deadlines or deadlines are specified in the tender or unless otherwise specified, the agencies have the authority to set deadlines and may open or close a position under state law without prior notice.

Applications can and will be discussed with the applicant and are open from Monday to Thursday and every other Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during normal office hours.

Candidates will not be asked for their criminal record and no criminal background checks will be carried out before a conditional employment offer is extended. Must have a ticket that has not violated the driving ban in the last 12 months or less and must have a license (s) from the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles (DMDV). Generally speaking, the licence must be acquired before the work begins and, as required, continuous training credits must be granted.

Visit to the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles (DMDV) in Dover, Delaware to review the entire job description and apply.

Members can fill out job offers by filling out the online job placement form, downloading the form in PDF format, sending it by fax or sending it to the DSDS office by post. Applications can be submitted to the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles (DMDV) in Dover, Delaware. Certified dental assistant and dental hygienist looking for employment can complete the information published on this website for sixty days free of charge. This is a confidential section and is governed by the laws of the State of Delaware and state and federal laws.