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In DE we are looking forward to the autumn season, and there are festivals, attractions, seasonal and community activities that will certainly make us all excited in DE. There are so many fun things to do if you just want to explore some of the small shops and museums in the city. Just drive away and you'll find something to yourself, but there's so much more to it than that.

You won't want to miss any of these buckets - a list of worthy Delaware vacations or tourist traps. If you're driving through the state, you won't want to miss these mandatory tasks - look at places in Delaware, and if you're driving, you certainly won't want to miss them.

If you're planning an East Coast trip and want to find some of the best roadside attractions along the route, take advantage of Delaware State Park's Find the Trail, as it is in the state parks recreational category. If you are planning a Delaware road trip and happen to find this area, you may be wondering what to do. I also hope to see some of Delaware's most popular tourist attractions, such as New Castle, Dover, Wilmington and Wilmington.

This haunted house is located in the wooded 1930s of Delaware State Park in Dover, Delaware, just a few miles north of Wilmington.

Kent County is home to the Delaware Quaint Villages, which include the city of Dover, Dover State Park and a number of other small towns and villages. Worth seeing are the Dover Town Hall, the Kent County Courthouse, the Delaware State Museum and the Dover Public Library.

Sights include the Golden Fleece, where Delaware ratified the Constitution in September 1787, and the Delaware State Museum. Other interesting museums in nearby Dover include Dover State Park, Kent County Courthouse, Dover City Hall and Dover Public Library. Some other museums in the area include: Dover Museum of Natural History, Delaware Historical Society, Kent State University and Delaware History Center.

The Welcome Center, housed in the Delaware Public Archives building, houses temporary exhibits and rotating exhibits of Delaware's founding documents, as well as home to the Dover Public Library, Delaware State Museum and Kent State University. The Welcome Center, where you can get information about events in and around Dover as well as local events and events in Dover.

There is no doubt that Dover Downs, home to the largest one-day horse race in the state of Delaware, is not short of entertainment. Spend an afternoon watching the races and enjoying a fun evening of food, drinks and entertainment before getting ready for one of the most popular events on the Downs: The annual Delaware Downs Festival. Musicians, comedians and entertainers are also often expected to perform at Dover Downs; the schedule can be found here.

If you want to do more to make Kent County a destination, be prepared for more Delaware coverage as we look for ways to do more to make Kent County a destination in the months and years ahead. Learn more about the sound recording at the Delaware Sound Museum in Dover, Delaware, and learn about the history of sound recording in Delaware and other parts of the state. For more information about cycling and cycling resources in Delaware, visit the Delaware Bicycle Council, which provides a comprehensive list of the most popular bike routes, bike paths, and more.

Visit the Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village to take a fascinating look at the evolution of agriculture in the United States. Children can get a taste of farm life by visiting the Delaware Farm Museum in Dover, Delaware, and children of all ages can visit and present their own version of the newly built 1800 village in the farming village of Dover, complete with live music, food trucks, farm animals and more.

Visitors can also find exhibits on Delaware's history on a guided tour of the city, dressed in traditional 18th century clothing.

The Bowers Beach Maritime Museum, which houses many whale-related artifacts in Delaware Bay and the past of Aquarians, also offers interest in Main Street in the city itself. My personal favorite is the Air Mobility Command Museum at Dover Air Force Base, where you can often see incoming and outgoing aircraft. Located on the second floor of the Dover Municipal Building, a few blocks from the museum, it has more than 30 types of aircraft that have served various purposes throughout history.

If you appreciate history, you should also visit the Old State House of Dover, Delaware. The oldest statehouse in the country, located on the historic Green of Dover, was built in 1804 as part of the first US government. If you explore historic Dover and understand the importance of being the first state to join the Union, you will realise how important this building was to the many decisions and events that took place within its walls. If you visit us, you will surely agree that this is one of the best museums in Delaware, if not the best.

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