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Everyone in Delaware knows that Route 9 or Bayside Drive is one of the most beautiful car rides in America. People travel hundreds of miles to visit beaches like Rehoboth and Bethany, but if you retreat to Delaware, you have the option of moving from Delaware to your home state of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland or Rhode Island.

Besides taxes, there are other good reasons to choose Delaware as your retirement state. Delaware is a popular place for retirement, and if you decide to spend your golden years in the First State, you're in good company.

Delaware is one of only five states to impose a ZERO sales tax, making Delaware a shopping paradise. The state of Delaware is also known for not imposing a sales tax and being the first state to pass the US Constitution. Delaware occupies a small niche among the original 13 states that ratified the federal constitution, but it is also the only state with an income tax rate of less than 1%.

Wilmington, the state's main port, is located at the mouth of the Delaware River, south of New Castle County. Most of Delaware is drained by streams that flow through the state, most of them in the form of rivers and streams. The population is concentrated along the coast, where major coastal highways and railroads pass, as well as in the coastal towns of Wilmington and Wilmington Harbor, and the rest of the state is made up of small towns and villages such as Dover, Delaware City, Delmarva, Lewes, and Dover.

The Delaware River is widely considered a canal that is crossed by the Delaware Canal, the state's main waterway and a major source of trade.

Delaware has a mixed cuisine, with younger immigrant groups settling in, but there are cultural differences between states. There are many different kitchens available from the Wilmington and Newark area, and there is a wide variety of food in Lower Delaware, whether from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware or Delaware. The deeper you get into Delaware, the more southerly things become, like chicken, pork, beef, chicken and pork chops, and pork ribs.

Although small, Delaware has distinctive communities and areas that offer different cultures, amenities and lifestyles.

If you're in Maryland and looking for an affordable family vacation, you can discover the free activities in Dover, Delaware. Worth seeing are the Dover Museum of Art, the Dover Art Museum and the Delaware State Museum, to name just a few. Each comes with hundreds of fascinating artifacts the family can enjoy. Whether you're looking forward to a fun day trip to Dover or just trying something new, check out the many fun things and attractions in and around Dover featured here on Delaware Culture, the official website of the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation.

Dover has a number of beautiful places, including churches, villas, government buildings and more, and they all have their own unique attractions and activities.

If you love antique cars, motorcycles and crime scenes, you'll love the Delaware State Police Museum, which has been interpreting the history of the state police since its inception in 1923. If you are a native of Delaware and lucky enough to find something interesting at the Delaware Public Archives, there is also the National Archives of the United States of America in Dover. Everyday Delaware culture is closely tied to the history of out-of-staters who simply don't get in the way.

If you are curious and eager to learn, you will be fascinated by the many museums in Kent County and Delaware. This picturesque museum on the Brandywine River on the Delaware-Pennsylvania border has explored the history of the state and its people for over 100 years. A tour here is like stepping back in time and giving visitors an insight into what life was like in Delaware in the early days of America. At First State Heritage Park, you can learn more about the history, culture, and history of Delaware in general, as well as its history as a state.

Visit the Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village to take a fascinating look at the evolution of agriculture in the United States. You can immerse yourself in 18th century America and visit some of the founding fathers, as well as one of Delaware's most famous landmarks, the Old State House.

The thriving home of the University of Delaware offers a wide range of educational opportunities for students, faculty, staff and students of all ages.

The main public transportation systems in Delaware are the DART and First State systems, which include the Delaware Transit Authority (DTA), Delaware State Transit, and Delaware Public Transit. Greyhound has limited bus service to Delaware to Dover, Wilmington and the University of Delaware, although it has connections to other major cities in the state such as Newark and Wilmington, as well as to major Delaware metropolitan areas such as Newark, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Moreover, most cities are accessible by train, making commuting easy and affordable. Delaware is full of activities and places to explore, no matter where you live, whether you are a resident, visitor, student, business owner or even a tourist.

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