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If you have spent # a few days in the Dover, Delaware area, I can tell you that it is worth taking at least one day trip. Here are some of my favorite things I experienced recently at the Delaware Public Archives and First State Heritage Park in Dover. The next time you travel north or south on I-95, drive south for less than an hour and spend at least a day discovering things you never knew you were there. If you have never been to the area, whether you visit the first National Monument Park or not, it is worth a short stop.

The second museum - of a kind - is located within the sprawling Dover Air Force Base. The museum is located in the Delaware Public Archives and First State Heritage Park in Dover and is located on the second floor of the National Monument Park. This museum shows the history of military aviation, from the aircraft used throughout history to modern aircraft and their history, as well as the aircraft themselves.

The Dover, Delaware Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes Kent County, is also home to the second largest city in the state of Delaware with a population of over 1.5 million.

The primary public transportation system in Delaware is the First State DART system, which provides bus services to Dover, Wilmington, and the University of Delaware, as well as the Delaware Transit Authority (DTA). Greyhound has limited bus service to Delaware from Dover to Wilmington and from Wilmington to the University of Maryland, although there are a limited number of routes to reach other major cities in the state such as Newark, Delaware City and Wilmington.

If you drive north from Maryland or virtually any other state, you can pass through the state of Delaware on your way to New Jersey or New York. There is a First State Heritage Park in downtown Dover and Fenwick Island State Park in the city of Dover. Take I-95, cross a large bridge over New Jersey, pass the Delaware State Capitol, the State House and the U.S. Supreme Court, then take Interstate 95 south and take Route 1 north to Delaware City.

The main hall of the exhibition shows the history of agriculture in Delaware with exhibitions of artifacts and agricultural implements. Children can get a taste of farm life at the Delaware State Farm Museum's Farm and Farm Equipment exhibition.

Visitors can find exhibits on Delaware's history on a guided tour of the city, dressed in traditional 18th century clothing. Other areas of the museum include exhibits on Delaware history and culture, as well as a collection of artifacts. If you're curious, you can visit this free museum in Delaware to see the state's historic buildings and artifacts, such as the Delaware State Museum and the Delaware Historical Society.

It is best to check with the museum for opening hours and other information, but we try to keep it up to date. For information on event tickets for the first Friday, which will be June 1, visit, where you can show your tickets for events such as the annual show at the Delaware State Museum. We agree that this is one of the best museums in Delaware, and if you know any historic houses or museums in Delaware that we should list here, please use our submission form to let us know.

If you love antique cars, motorcycles and crime scenes, you'll love the Delaware State Police Museum, which has been interpreting the history of the police since its inception in 1923. Founded in 1912 by the Wilmington Society of Fine Arts, the Dover Art Museum has been hosting traveling exhibitions for over 100 years. Named after Anna Hazzard, a former civil rights activist, this museum is a must-see - visit it in southern Delaware. The Silver Study Center of the Museum of Delaware houses the largest collection of silver artifacts in the United States as well as other artifacts from around the world.

The Delaware State Capitol is one of the most historic buildings in the United States, and the state capital is passionate about reclaiming its historic past. If you explore historic Dover and understand the history of being the first state to join the Union, you will realise how important this building is, as many decisions and events taking place within its walls are affected. Delaware was known as the "first state in this country," but it is also known for not having a sales tax and being one of the first states to pass the US Constitution. Houses for the representatives who are part of the General Assembly, the Senate and the House of Representatives of the State of Delaware.

The Welcome Center, where you can forget all the events that have happened in the history of the state of Delaware and its history as the state capital.

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